Beautiful and breathtaking Koh Larn Beaches, Thailand


Koh Larn Beaches consists of some of the loveliest beaches around the world where visitors can go for holidays; there are about six main beaches besides other smaller ones notwithstanding. They are known for their characteristic white sands and pure azure and clear waters; enjoyment is at its best when you visit some of these beaches in Thailand region. Many holiday makers come from far and wide to enjoy the beauties of these beaches; many visitors who happen to be in these sides of the world have recommended the Island. Koh Larn is just some few kilometers from Pattaya City in Thailand.

Beautiful and Clear Water :

Koh Larn beaches are known for their clear water and white sands, these are some of the traits which make them to be adored by many visitors. There are so many other beaches around the main Thailand and even Pattaya Island, but they are not liked like these ones found in Koh Larn Island. The beautiful nature and clear seawater is another reason why many visitors flock the beaches, transportation as by ferrying as you tour and see the beautiful Islands of Koh Larn. The major beaches in the region are just six in number though some smaller beaches are also found around.

Tawaen Beach :

Is one of the most popular among all beaches in the region, the main feature of this beach is its beauty and attractions which surrounds it. Many visitors come here than any other beach around Koh Larn region. Visitors cross over from Pattaya city to visit this pristine destination which has all the facilities. Besides beach activities which are so popular here, there are also other facilities to enjoy while here. Some of the important facilities available here are numerous restaurants, resort clubs around the beach area, shopping places for things like souvenirs and gift items.

Tourists who frequent the beach are mostly Western and Asians origins, Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese. The nigh times experience a low population since many tourists go back to the main city for other accommodation facilities there. The prices here is a bit higher as compared to others beaches due to how it’s liked by many, activities found here are mostly sunbathing, kayaking, jet skiing and banana boat activities. Visitors hire sunbeds with pads which are available along the beach.

Thong Lang Beach :

This is another beach of the famous Koh Larn beaches it’s located just in the Northern parts of the Island near the most popular Tawaen beach, the beach is very popular for its many shallow corals which also serves as the main activity there. It’s also easy to view what’s happening in other beaches around from here. There is some form of guide here from the nearby restaurant; the restaurant’s guide will always ask visitors if they want to go for coral reefs and activities around there.

Important activities here has coral reef as one of them, visitors here like to see and exploit the activity since the water is shallow along the reefs. Going to the beach is more difficult since its connection way was broken; otherwise, it was as popular as Tawaen beach before that. Visitors have to use motor cycles to connect to the beach since it has a very narrow lane, a vehicle can’t make it to this beach at all, and hence it has become less popular lately. There is a staircase which visitors have to use which stretches like 50 meters to the beach.

Samae Beach :

Samae Beach is the third beach within the Koh Larn beaches which is located just towards the Western side of the Island, it is a very long beach just like Tawaen beach which is about 700 meters in length. It’s a well taken care of beach with many visitors trooping there every other season and lovely atmosphere, the beach has been being developed and face lifted with better facilities currently. This has made visitors to increase to this unique and lovely beach of late, there is even a park being furbished around and nice trees planted to make it more loveable beach.

There are a number of activities to be enjoyed here like sunbathing, sightseeing, sun viewing since it’s located on the western side which is ideal for sun viewing. It also hosts the Ray-shaped building for solar power and Wind wheel; many visitors are also coming to study about the source of that electricity at the facility. Better accommodation facilities can also be accessed here and some prefer to stay there for long, good restaurants and fresh sea foods in plenty.

Nual Beach :

Nual beach is another popular beach found in Koh larn beaches, it’s just some few miles from the main city of Pattaya. It’s considered and it’s a quite beach with many coral reefs around in its shallow waters. Many visitors don’t visit the beach though it still has its visitor who like a quiet and serene environment, European visitors like frequenting the beach due to its quietness to enjoy sunbathing, and sea breezing under a cool and quite environment.

It currently has one resort known as Nual beach Resort, but there are already plans to establish more resorts and restaurants here, otherwise it’s a very cool beach found in the Island.

Ta Yai Beach :

Ta yai Beach is a very small beach located within the confines of Naban Port, it takes about 20 minutes of motor cycle ride from the Naban Port to reach the beach. It’s a very quiet beach too just like Nual beach though its waters is clear and beautiful which many visitors enjoy to the fullest. It only takes just five minutes to walk across the length of this beach, it has few facilities but very unique in its nature.

The main attraction here is its beautifully clear seawater and some cays along the its banks, visitors still troops in to enjoy such facilities and attractions, it’s also a good beach for sunbathing with sun beads to enjoy themselves after swimming around its beautiful water. Another spectacular feature around this beach is the cape known as Hoa Khod which visitors can also enjoy viewing; one shop and a car park are also here at the beach. It’s a very quiet and enjoyable beach loved by visitors who happen to set foot there.

Tien Beach :

Tien Beach is another beach within the Koh Larn beaches; it’s a very cool and quite beach with a length of 500 meters. Visitors who feel sigh to visit other public and noisy beaches go there, just like the popular Tawaen Beach, this beach has well maintained atmosphere and features to enjoy. The beach is connected with a long bridge from the car-park through the beach; its water is clear and adorable too.

The beach has many activities to offer its visitors; one such unique activity is the fishing and many cays along its course. Many species of fish are found in its water, this has made fishing to be a very interesting activity here which is fun filled indeed. The beach is near Samae Beach and from the former there are many sign posts to show visitors the way to the beach. Visitors use motor cycles and Song Thaews to come to the beach. The windy season witnesses many visitors to the beach as compared to other times when visitors are few, but it’s a cool and quite but beautiful beach among the Koh Larn beaches.

There are many other smaller beaches in Koh Larn beaches; otherwise, the above are more significant to visit. Visitors to the beaches enjoy many activities which are found in the beaches like sunbathing, jet skiing, swimming, fishing and many others.